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I can’t put my finger on it specifically, but there’s something about a bad girl that really drives me wild. But what is a bad girl anyway? I’m not exactly sure how to define them but I know them when I see them. I’v been seeing plenty of them over at Grooby VR lately. Grooby is known for their ridiculously hot t-girls and this iteration of their work still delivers on that front. And with the addition of Virtual Reality technology to their skillset, I am more excited than ever to check out their roster of talent.

They have big t-girl stars like Viviane Silva, Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, Isa Potter, Khloe Kay, Patricia Campbell, Alexa Scout, Carla Novaes, Alisia Rae, Kendall Penny, Jessy Bells, Janelle Fennec, Casey Kisses, and Kayleigh Coxx just to name a few! I love slipping my VR headset and watching them have their virtual way with me.

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I love a bad girl. There’s just something about them that makes me extra hard and moan a little bit louder. And fap a little bit faster! That’s why I am a huge fan of webcam sirens like AliciaSky. Maybe I can’t boast that she’s my irl girlfriend, but we definitely have a great sex life online! She hasn’t turned me down for a good fuck even one single time. That’s something! Name one girlfriend or wife who does the same thing. That’s what I fucking thought.

Let me tell you about another source for cam fun. It’s called Are you bored? Check them out. Are you horny? Check them out. Are you in the middle of a board meeting? Check them out. Are you trying to get out of jury duty? Check them out. Are you laying in bed after bad sex? Check them out. Are you fucking breathing? Check them out. You won’t find a better collection of hot cam girls anywhere else! Click on those links and enjoy, my friend.

Did you ever get to date a goth chick? Back in the 90s that was the “in-thing” to do. There was just something irresistible about that bad-girl look. They also didn’t give a fuck about cultural norms. And more times than not, the goth girls I hooked up with were great at fucking and sucking too.

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There is also a great level of interaction available to members, like access to intimate personal lifestyle journals, or the ability to make your own shoot suggestions. You can even interact with Razor Candi herself! This is a dream cum true so go check out this hot-as-fuck niche site. You won’t regret it.

Adel Asanty is a recent discovery of mine. I have spotted her on a few sites recently and she immediately stands out to me because of her heart-shape nipple tattoos. I’ve got to give props to the tattoo artist. They are perfectly blended and look like part of her real nipples/areolas. Now that I have seen her flaunting the unique ink, I am actually surprised I haven’t seen other models with the same. It’s a pretty genius way to get herself to stand out from all of the other inked models out there.

Adele is a petite, young Ukrainian who would still be hot even without all the tattoos adorning her sexy natural body. The art serves to amplify the appeal that is already there. She is exactly the sort of girl that I would love to hook up with after a night at a bar. I know it is never going to happen, but thanks to the incredible virtual reality technology used on 18VR, I can still get a very up close and personal-feeling experience with her.

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The subject is the name of the site too and while that is perhaps a little lazy it’s also such an apt description that it just made sense doubling up on it.

This is my kind of site and these are often times my kind of women and I want to share a little bit more about that because there are so many sheep out there that are just perv’ing out on the tattoos because “ooh, they’re such bad girls”.

Who are sheep? Literally everyone who follows trends, fashion, blindly shares the opinion of the masses, those easily indoctrinated by the powers that be and specifically those who have a greater desire for acceptance than authenticity, i.e. to be themselves. So, just about everyone.

These girls are not about the tattoos, the tattoos and they’re life styles are as a consequence of their lifestyle, their free spirit and being unshackled from any concern of how they might be perceived by others. That is their true beauty.

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Shit gets pretty crazy inside of Burning Angel. Not only do you get alt girls and popular pornstars made up to look alt and Gothic, but you also get to watch scenes where some really wild fantasies play out. Demons complete with horns fornicating in front of a flame background is only one example.

The Cindy Queen of Hell DVD has 5 scenes inside of the site. It all starts with Joanna Angel getting DP’d by Satan and his buddy at a concert set in the ’80s. Joanna ended up pregnant and giving birth to the daughter of the devil himself. When that child turns 21, strange things start to happen. All kinds of hardcore sex acts follow.

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sexy 420

What? You want everything served up to you on a silver platter? You think that you can get sweet, hot, punk girls at the snap of a finger? Well, lucky you there are those hot goth and punk girls out there that just love showing off, as long as they get a chance to tease and tempt the guys and other girls out there with everything they want, and everything they need.

This particularly sweet punk girl knows just what you need, and what you crave. She isn’t going to just give you one treat, she’s going to make sure you get a treat that will help you take advantage of the other treat. She has the highest quality green, and the best tits you can ask for all at the same time, and she knows what to do with both of them. If you want to get your hands on some of the good weed, you also better now how to please a punk girl, because they won’t restrain themselves, they’ll tell you exactly how they want it, and what you have to do to get them off. If you do well enough, she’ll maybe even roll one for you so you can get going for a second round.

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pierced and tattooed girl

Some girls express themselves through their art, or their writing, while others express themselves through their bodies. They make themselves living pieces of art, with ink, and piercings and their clothing. Those girls are not shy at all, while some might balk at showing off, if you find a girl covered in ink, you know she has no problems with you admiring her body.

This amazingly hot punk girl relished the opportunity to show off her ink. That she was going to have guys drooling over her hot body was just the icing on the cake for her. She loves her own style of skulls and ink, and said she wasn’t going to stop until almost every inch of her body is pierced, inked or decorated in some fashion. She had so much metal through her lips that it was no surprise that her nipples were pierced too, but she told us that it was there especially to accent the ink around her tits. She loves the guys that can appreciate the whole package, and aren’t afraid of an inked and metal pierced punk girl, and she was more than willing to show us the ‘whole package’ that she has to offer.

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What a hot punk chick. She playfully poses with her arm over her bosom, but you can still see that she’s got an ample rack. Her fire engine red hair and tattooes set her apart from the part time scenesters and weekend wannabes. Baring her naked flesh is the ultimate act of rebellion.

Don’t let that cute face fool you. This alternative porn girl definitely has loose morals. She’ll suck on a rod and chuck down a hot load faster than she can take a shot of tequila. If you want a hot girl that genuinely loves to fuck then this is the chick for you.

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Redhead Goth Chick

Redhead Goth Chick

Redhead alt babe Xanthia shows off her truly spectacular pierced nipples among her other lovely attributes in this awesome set of pics. I really love the tat between her boobs and that body… YUM!

She has very fair skin and looks fine as a redhead, but I think I might prefer it if her hair was black. That would look truly Gothic :D

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gothic sex

We have a pretty awesome sex life. My girl likes to get freaky in every room in our house, even the bathroom, so it’s a good thing we have the space to play around. As they say at our club, people don’t have natural handles, so getting her into her waist cincher means that I have something to throw her around the room, and control her even better than normal.

Starting out with a good blowjob, and moving through as many positions as we can come up with, this is just the kind of alt girl porn that my mom told me I would never be able to find when I grew up. Holding her against the wall, lifting her up and down on my throbbing cock, I keep her attention by making sure she’s always looking at me. Throw in a bit of breath-play, and breast or nipple torture, and I know she’ll have me on her mind for the next few days.

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Tattooed Candi is very excited that her top matches her walls.

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There’s nothing like a hot punk babe that loves to show off her pussy and fuck like a beast. This red haired sex fiend decided to take the ultimate plunge and take some alternative porn pictures. She pulls down her tiny black panties and cups an amazing pair of full boobies, but she kicks things up a notch by keeping on her cowboy boots. Hot.

This is the kind of girl that will go crazy at a hardcore show, drink everything in sight and fuck your brains out in the men’s room. You can’t deny the appeal of a take charge girl like this.

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tattoo goth girlCheck out those tattoos up close and nekkid

Some awesome alternative girl porn is found in Candi. Just wow..


They may say that blondes have more fun, but an alternative porn vixen covered in ink is way better. This slut provides an excellent view of her tight cunt, pulling back the lips of her pink treasure. There’s not a lot of things that an alt chick won’t do. Fortunately, none of those things apply to sex.

It’s obvious from the pic that this girl wants to get jammed full of cock. If she happens to spot a guy that looks like a good fuck, she’ll grab him by his junk and tell him exactly what she craves. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this kind of slut isn’t exactly subtle.

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