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What a hot punk chick. She playfully poses with her arm over her bosom, but you can still see that she’s got an ample rack. Her fire engine red hair and tattooes set her apart from the part time scenesters and weekend wannabes. Baring her naked flesh is the ultimate act of rebellion.

Don’t let that cute face fool you. This alternative porn girl definitely has loose morals. She’ll suck on a rod and chuck down a hot load faster than she can take a shot of tequila. If you want a hot girl that genuinely loves to fuck then this is the chick for you.

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Redhead Goth Chick

Redhead Goth Chick

Redhead alt babe Xanthia shows off her truly spectacular pierced nipples among her other lovely attributes in this awesome set of pics. I really love the tat between her boobs and that body… YUM!

She has very fair skin and looks fine as a redhead, but I think I might prefer it if her hair was black. That would look truly Gothic :D

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Happy Halloween

Bloody Misty

Bloody Misty

Scary AND Bloody. Cool!


There’s nothing like a hot punk babe that loves to show off her pussy and fuck like a beast. This red haired sex fiend decided to take the ultimate plunge and take some alternative porn pictures. She pulls down her tiny black panties and cups an amazing pair of full boobies, but she kicks things up a notch by keeping on her cowboy boots. Hot.

This is the kind of girl that will go crazy at a hardcore show, drink everything in sight and fuck your brains out in the men’s room. You can’t deny the appeal of a take charge girl like this.

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tattoo goth girlCheck out those tattoos up close and nekkid

Some awesome alternative girl porn is found in Candi. Just wow..

Alix Punk Girl

Alix Punk Girl

This hot and sexy tattooed vixen is 22 years old, has 14 tattoos and multiple mods. She loves Combichrist, Pantera and Hatebreed among others and enjoys contemplative history movies.

Alix also has a great ass, and perfect firm tits and is looking for some decent gothic sex. Go figure…

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This is a hot goth girl set with Liz Vicious, Ava Knight and Trisha Uptown. They were getting ready to go sailing, but then these hot little bisexual babes got the hots for each other and never left the dock!

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Liz was getting ready to go out with a bunch of her guy friends when a camera popped up and it was way too tempting, she just couldnt pass it up. She undressed and played for the camera and us. This sweet young goth teen is as sexy as it gets. Whether she’s got green hair or red, we lust after her tender young flesh!! For the best Gothic Sex, and one of THE most hot goth girls around, you’ve got to see Liz.

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This sexy inked babe has been getting ink and piercings from the moment she was able. She enjoys the feel and the look and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. She loves music, and is an avid gamer when she isn’t showing us her tits or pussy.

More importantly, Misti likes to get naked for the camera.. and she likes to do.. um… stuff to prove she is ready, wet, willing, and able to be fucked RIGHT NOW!

Sexy Candi went panty shopping and needed to show us just how well they fit!

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Liz and dildo

Liz has stated she is very fond of her sexy goth makeup and outfits she often makes by hand, so seeing her in so little makeup and jewelry is a nice change. Dressing up in just a dildo doesn’t hurt much either!

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Hot goth girl Liz Vicious

Hot goth girl Liz Vicious

Hot little gothic babe Liz Vicious gets down and seriously dirty as she gives this lucky guy the blowjob of his life followed by more hot Gothic Sex. Catch her wriggling out of her next to nothing outfit to give this dude the night of his life!

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