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BDSM party online anytime you want it

When I was a teenager I noticed one of my friend’s older sisters was into some pretty freaky shit. Once when the coast was clear I dipped into her porn stash in her closet and pulled out the first thing my hand came across. It was a book of stories about sex and the BDSM lifestyle.

I wasn’t too surprised to see her reading something like BDSM themed stories. One of the stories was about a girl who is forced to do things at a party that she didn’t know she would end up enjoying. The BDSM party videos on MaxJizz remind me of the stories that imprinted themselves into my brain so long ago. It is like a free for all party whenever you want to explore the depths of your deviancy.

Max Jizz Tube has porn in every genre. Their software searches other sites for the best videos and then either links into them or downloads them to embed them directly into their own player. You can search for just about any porn subject or porn star to find hundreds of videos. Updates come in every couple of hours and some categories are busier than others. You will like this tube if you like fetish videos!

evil angel monthly discount on alternative girl porn

When you buy something it is always nice to get a deal on it. No matter what it is you should not settle for paying full price. Only suckers do that in this day and age. Even porn can be purchased on a monthly basis at a steep discount. With you don’t have to pay full price for porn ever again.

Act fast and you can take advantage of the porn discount available right now on Evil Angel. Why would they want to give away memberships for only $9.95 a month on the same access level of those who paid full price? That is a good question. I will let you ask them right after you join!

The Porn Deals site has many such deals with discounts as steep as 100%. You don’t’ have to be a member of their site, but by joining you can win free memberships that they give away. You can also get even better deals sent to your Email that are time sensitive. Give it a try and say hello to more porn and more money in your pocket!


Are you the kind of guy that likes to take things a little further than the majority of people you know? That is how MadysonBlacky feels about sex too. She has been a horny little slut ever since she turned 18 years old. That was five years ago and she has learned a lot of things since then.

One thing she learned was that you only live once so enjoy yourself to the fullest. Even if your enjoyment comes from being whipped, beaten, berated and spit on. Hey, not everybody can get off on the missionary position alone.

Live fetish cams on are scheduled throughout the day. You don’t need a reservation. It is best to bookmark the site and select your favorite girls so that you can be notified when they will be on next.

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burning angel alt and emo porn

So many porn review sites out there lump alt, punk and Emo into one genre without realizing they are all different. It isn’t totally their fault though. After all, most sites that cater to those looking for alternative porn do the same thing. It is like a fucking epidemic!

It is nice to find a porn site reviewer that really knows his salt. The guys and girls at only give you insights on porn sites that are worth your time. And they know how to dig a little deeper than the others out there to let you know about pitfalls and hidden benefits the others always miss.

As you might expect my favorite review on their site in the Emo porn section is of Joanna Angel and her network of Burning Angel sites. Check out the review and don’t forget to get some quality lube before you hunker down. Speed burns are not good!