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inked punk slut

Punk girls pretty much never go out of style. There’s just something about checking out a hot chick with that ultra pale skin, the dyed hair, and the ink that makes the boys just lose their minds. They know it too, and those girls just love to show off a little bit of ink here, a piercing there, until they finally decide that you are worth it, and you get to explore every inch of them.

This pretty pierced and inked beauty practically disappears against a white background. She’s got the kind of pale skin that puts a porcelain doll to shame, but with ink that makes the colors look like they just came off the needle. She loves it when people admire her ink, and her hot body, so she wasn’t shy at all about flashing us her pink and black panties and her pierced nipples. She also has one of the most perfect asses you’ll ever see, and she deliberately keeps the ink minimal there, which is just the perfect accent to her other curves. The panties did cover up some of her ink though, maybe next time we’ll convince her to show us all of it.

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