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She’d been coyly flirting with me all week, I thought. Doing work in her yard, outside her eclectic house, she would stare at me out of the corner of her eye, and bend over, showing off her long, slender legs, and cute ass. I couldn’t help staring at her displays, because she was doing it for me to watch, right? Today her maroon and turquoise bob was swinging around her ears as she sashayed down the steps to do some “weeding.” Her blue plaid camisole, if you could call it that, didn’t really match her black lace panties, but I wasn’t going to complain that I could see her navel piercing or her tattoos more clearly than ever today. The sun was out, but the kids were all off doing something else, so my alternative girl was clearly ready to step things up further than she’d ever gone before. Showing off her lip piercings as she pouted, and making sure to lean gently back so her stomach would tighten and show off her art, she made the best of the bright sunny day in her yard. First gently tugging her straps down, then gently revealing her hard nipples, she had me on the edge of my lawn chair, gripping my thighs tightly so I wouldn’t leap up and pin her down in front of whoever might be watching. Watching her stand there with her pert breasts framed delicately by her top made the veins in my neck throb with longing, and seeing her smile, knowing her power over me, made it that much more delectable. She did pull her shirt back up after a few minutes, but only to start playing with the edge of her panties, to show off her soft-looking pale skin, and look back at me as if to say, “You want this? Come over here and take it!”

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