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When the nude goth girls are slobbering all over a nice hard dick, it can be a bit hard to tell them from “normal” girls. I look for the dark hair, strong eye makeup, and kickass boots. Whether their pouting lips are wrapped around their own finger or an actual dick, the look in their eyes tells you “I know the Dark Arts, and I’m not afraid to use them.”

Even in the smallest of towns, goth chicks tend to be the most outgoing and adventurous, not just in the sack, and they also have an uncanny ability to find each other. Where you might only get one cheerleader to join you in the hot tub, with an extra bit of work and humility, you can probably get two goth chicks. Assuming you have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid to admit you like girls who wear all black.


Clad only in a pair of fishnet thigh highs, this hardcore punk slut chokes down her man’s dick in one fell swoop. She’s got a nice tight body that’s dying to get fucked, and the guy can’t help but be amazed by the sight of his cock disappearing in her mouth.

This alternative porn couple extends their no holds bar into the bedroom and they have no problem with letting the whole world see how they get down. Her pert ass wiggles in the arm as she gives a wet blowjob on her knees. I think we can all guess where they go from here.

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This is a hot goth girl set with Liz Vicious, Ava Knight and Trisha Uptown. They were getting ready to go sailing, but then these hot little bisexual babes got the hots for each other and never left the dock!

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Alternative girl porn

Alternative girl porn

When the term Alternative Girl Porn was coined, Liz Vicious was definitely on the list of who the term would refer to. She’s young, sexy, tattooed, alternates between green and red hair, and takes new pics and vids every single day of herself and others in compromising positions. This hot goth babe engaging in Gothic Sex is an absolute must to see, taste, feel… you get the idea. Here is the link to one gallery, but she’s got hundreds since she turned 18, so look around :)

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You may not wanna bring her home to meet mom, but you won’t be able to find a better lay anywhere else. She’s covered in tattooes, but she really wants you to see the inside of her pink love tunnel. One thing about alternative porn girls is that they’re just as reckless on camera as they are off. Needless to say, her sexual tastes are more than ‘out there’ and she doesn’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks. With her bleached blonde hair and numerous body mods, this freaky punk babe is only concerned about scoring her next fuck buddy.
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Liz was getting ready to go out with a bunch of her guy friends when a camera popped up and it was way too tempting, she just couldnt pass it up. She undressed and played for the camera and us. This sweet young goth teen is as sexy as it gets. Whether she’s got green hair or red, we lust after her tender young flesh!! For the best Gothic Sex, and one of THE most hot goth girls around, you’ve got to see Liz.

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