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With the way that girls these days are embracing decorating their bodies, you see body art, piercings, tattoos, and forms of art you can’t even imagine. It’s not even considered ‘edgy’ anymore, which is almost a shame. It means that sometimes you forget that there was a time when those girls were hot, different and stood out. You can’t forget those alt porn girls, because they are the ones that made it popular.

The Suicide Girls have been doing it for longer than anyone has, and they have no problems flaunting what they have. They may not be the only ones showing off their bodies these days, but there is something different between them and the originals. They love getting together as well and having fun with each other, relishing the community they built with each other. This hot lineup happened during a summer party, where the girls got together so they could enjoy each other in an uninhibited way. That led to them comparing body art, and the different ways they decorate their bodies.

Once the girls started chatting about how much they love their art they thought it would be a great time to show off their hot young bodies and prove why they are still the best!

Watch these sexy alt chicks in action HERE