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We have a pretty awesome sex life. My girl likes to get freaky in every room in our house, even the bathroom, so it’s a good thing we have the space to play around. As they say at our club, people don’t have natural handles, so getting her into her waist cincher means that I have something to throw her around the room, and control her even better than normal.

Starting out with a good blowjob, and moving through as many positions as we can come up with, this is just the kind of alt girl porn that my mom told me I would never be able to find when I grew up. Holding her against the wall, lifting her up and down on my throbbing cock, I keep her attention by making sure she’s always looking at me. Throw in a bit of breath-play, and breast or nipple torture, and I know she’ll have me on her mind for the next few days.

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Happy Halloween!


This hot blonde doesn’t have much to say beyond glaring a lot, but her pussy is wet and her mouth is warm so no complaints!

Happy Halloween

Bloody Misty

Bloody Misty

Scary AND Bloody. Cool!

Tattooed Candi is very excited that her top matches her walls.

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There’s nothing like a hot punk babe that loves to show off her pussy and fuck like a beast. This red haired sex fiend decided to take the ultimate plunge and take some alternative porn pictures. She pulls down her tiny black panties and cups an amazing pair of full boobies, but she kicks things up a notch by keeping on her cowboy boots. Hot.

This is the kind of girl that will go crazy at a hardcore show, drink everything in sight and fuck your brains out in the men’s room. You can’t deny the appeal of a take charge girl like this.

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hot goth girl

With such a lovely contrast between their pale flawless skin and their dark hair, it’s no wonder that some of the best pinup photos are of hot Goth girls. The stark nature of the difference means that they can wear lush red lipstick without looking garish, and they can accessorize with whatever they want, because they can wear black, red, white, or even purple and still look amazing. The kicker, of course, is that the really interesting Goth outfits tend to cover a lot of skin and have ruffles and leather, so any and all art they have on their skin gets shown only to their friends or lovers or fans. And again, being so pale they have a wonderful canvas to work upon, with very little color modification needed to have the faintest of patterns show to their best advantage. And because they tend to be on the fringes of society anyway, they have a tendency to know what’s going on with various geeky or kinky things before the mainstream media splashes them all over the front pages.

Steam punk, for instance, may have jumped the shark just a touch, but Victorian outfits with brass clockwork pieces scattered amidst the folds of the ruffles isn’t that much different than the dark and brooding outfits usually worn by the followers of Lord Byron. The only danger is in having a bit too much brown in the wardrobe, which limits the clarity of the makeup choices, and requires more of a neutral palette. And let’s be honest here, after trying so hard to get black lipstick and black eyeliner to work subtly, how many of these ladies or pretty boys are really going to go back to browns or tans? They might accessorize their costumes, but it won’t be nearly as pretty as when they’re wearing all black or nothing at all.

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tattoo goth girlCheck out those tattoos up close and nekkid

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