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halloween goth babe

As much as the kids love to go out for Halloween, when you’re looking to stay in and have a good time nothing beats the grown-ups to give you a reason to stay secluded at home. There is no way that anyone can pull off an amazing outfit like my little punk beauty. When she puts on the dark makeup and digs into her closet there is going to be one wild night ahead.

Of course, you don’t have to have a holiday to have your fun, luckily Andy believes that it is a waste for an outfit to get used only once a year. She plays a little game where she pulls out her outfit and lets us role-play that she’s going out and about. I just happen to get lucky enough that this sexy gothic nurse decided to trick-or-treat out to my place.

I’m not going to let this girl go without a proper trick though, so she just has to come inside while I look for a proper ‘treat’ for her candy basket. As much as I think otherwise though, there just isn’t anything sweeter then what is in front of me, so I tease her along by letting her think that she has to work for her treat. It wouldn’t be fair for a maid to get paid without doing anything to deserve it, now would it?

She’s more than willing to do whatever it takes so I will give her a treat, even being a naughty housekeeper so I can see what is beneath her little cleaning outfit. She’s much dirtier then she could ever hope my house would be, because she is all ready showing perked nipples, and when she pulls aside her panties her sweet little pussy is soaking wet. It’s a shame we can’t get sexy gothic housekeepers in their own business, but when Andy role-plays the service she more than earns her keep!

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Working at a nearly deserted gas station in the middle of nowhere, I’d thought I’d seen everything, until the day this crazy death-punk inspired car squealed up and demanded my attention. The driver hopped out through the window, and was a cute goth girl dressed up like she was going to Burning Man, only nowhere near her supposedly intended destination. Coyly looking over her shoulder, she stripped off her bulky and sweaty lightly painted body armor, and walked around her behemoth, checking for road wear and damage. It looked pretty good, so she filled it up on petrol and gave her equipment a quick clean and shine. No one else was around for miles, so when she started pulling off the rest of her clothing, I just leaned back against the counter and watched. I wasn’t about to leave the slight breeze my fan was creating, and I didn’t need to spook her into going shy. She knew I was there, and it was better for her to be comfortable doing what she needed to do than it would have been worth my job to step out and remind her about our “no shirt, no shoes” policy at that point. Soon enough, the show was over and she was gone, leaving only her dust and a memory behind.

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