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Fitness porn with Aletta Ocean tied up in bondage

When Aletta Ocean joined her gym she knew there was something a bit strange about the owner. He seemed to be possessed with the need to see her naked feet. He would come up with all sorts of reasons that he should see them and massage them for her. One night when everyone else was leaving her asked her to stay for a more hands on fitness session. She complied and it changed her life forever.

Aletta was a little scared when her fitness instructor tied her to the weight bench. Instead of massaging her feet, this time he beat them with a leather strap. He said it was to bleed out the toxins and help her with her antioxidants. When she had to pee he began tickling her feet to the point where she couldn’t hold it anymore and let loose her pee right on the weight bench.

That was the beginning of the liberation of Aletta. After that she stopped being so prudish and opened her mind up to various forms of sex. Her favorite is and always will be to fuck in the gym. With so many contraptions to tie her to the possibilities are endless.

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Nothing sucks worse than being horny, ready for sex and not having an accomplice. Especially if you are thinking about taboo stuff no girlfriend or wife will want to do. There is a solution and it is called taboo phone sex. You don’t have to go it alone anymore. Now you can have an accomplice. A partner in crimes against yourselves. Do all of the naughty stuff that comes to mind and don’t hold anything back!

Scar got her name from then mental scars she should have, but seems to be impervious to. Think of it like calling a guy tiny when he weighs in at 500lbs. Only Scar isn’t fat and she only sweats when she is riding your fat cock.

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Shadow - prepare to get swallowed

Shadow got hooked on watching snuff movies while talking on the phone with a sick and twisted boyfriend she met in college. He introduced her to everything her parents had hoped to shield her from. Like a flower blossoming she took on a whole new look and beauty. A sick, sadistic beauty that consumed her soul – just before she consumed her lover, as black windows usually do.

Test the inner depths of your soul with this hot succubus. She will swallow you whole and you will thank her for every second of it. You will thank her for showing you what true pain feels like. Pick up the phone for ass rape porn calls that will have you sitting wrong all the way until the next one.

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