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It’s always a pleasure when you have something that sits back and makes you go wow! We need that spark that can only be found when you’re looking for the best creative porn. Once you’ve discovered the beauty that comes from erotic sex you’ll never want anything else. The best feelings always come from discovering artsy girls that like exploring cock on camera!

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I never would have thought I’d see the day where a porn site’s name could easily be confused for that of a documentary but here it is: Sex and Submission. Not that it couldn’t pass for a documentary, other than that there is zero narration and that it would of course be X-rated.

It might just open some eyes now that I think about it. I never considered myself to be be a kinky person, but honestly it’s likely because I was brought up in a conservative family and never gave it any thought.

In hindsight my very high sex drive really should have given me some clue.

It’s only later in life that I realised I should explore a little and I came to learn quite a bit more and surprising things about myself.

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