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She stares at me with her heavily-lined eyes boring into mine. Her white and black lingerie reminds me of the ropes I’d had tied around her the night before, as she squirmed and struggled and giggled for my pleasure. The black strap crossing her chest and drawing attention to her pert breasts, she looks a real alternative girl.

Sure, she could have worn the pink lacey ones, to match her hair, but she knew that the stark contrast between the black and white made her shock of dyed hair that much more appealing. The black ribbon trim twists and hugs every curve as she turns and stares longingly at me. With her plush cock-sucking lips teased just a bit open to remind me of how well she does what she does, she can’t help but run her eager finger across the sticky gloss, and reinforce the contrast between good girl and eager vixen that she portrays so well.

With a saucy grin and one last pout, she bends over to show that she’s wearing the sheerest of silk stockings that just barely hang off the garter belt cinched around her waist and highlighting her taut stomach and firm thighs. Teasingly, she turns around to remove her bra, leaving her black underwear and garter on, while she dances to the music in her own head, and keeps a close eye on her audience of one. And always, always, pouting and gasping for air in remembrance of when I had her begging for more.

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