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As full body size adult TPE sex dolls are expensive, many doll buyers in order to protect their rights from damage, open the box to check the goods to confirm that the doll does not have any damage or the manufacturer’s description is consistent is the best choice.

How to avoid embarrassing inspection after purchasing their favorite beautiful mature women sex doll has become a problem for the purchaser. Even for some people, how not embarrassed in front of the courier inspection has become one of the reasons for not buying so far, in many old customers again after the exchange of shopping to get some can open the box to check the goods and avoid embarrassment method, after finishing summed up the following few strategies for the majority of users ready to buy dolls some reference.

Source: Chay 161CM G-CUP Sex Doll

The following is from sex doll inspection strategy.

Strategy one.
Pretend they are online adult sex doll or a mall platform or entity store owner, this time the courier sent the stock with goods, so to open the box to check the quality of the goods, to determine the things are consistent with the manufacturer’s description before signing, good shelves for sale.

Strategy two.
Talk generously to the courier to say that this goods is an solid doll, is their own to give a single friend’s gift, to ensure that the physical and online photos are the same.

Strategy three.
In the inspection of goods revealed that you buy this solid doll is used as a clothing model, teaching, art painting, film props and so on with, looking at the online photo introduction is good, think suitable for this purpose, so buy, first open the box to see if it is the same as the online photos, sex dolls itself is the artwork with sexual function.

Strategy four.
Help a friend to receive a package.

uxdoll sex dolls are not only beautifully made and realistic but also feel no different from the real person, plus can move more than two gears at the joints can be posed in a variety of sexy and provocative poses and many other advantages, so uxdoll dolls have become the first choice of many sex doll lovers.