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Right now you are living in what can only be explained as a magical time in internet pornography. Where the professionals used to own the net it seems as if amateur have steadfastly taken over. You would be hard pressed to find an actual babe if you searched for babe in Google. So many amateur babes are being downloaded that Google seems to have forgotten about Playboy style models altogether.

As these changes progress and mature it will be interesting to see where we are in the coming years. Will people be petitioning to marry people they have never physically met? Is that even possible? I am not briefed enough on biblical matters enough to say either way, but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out all the same.

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Up until a few short years ago most men had never heard of an Emo chick and many had no idea how sexy a girl with tattoos could be. With self shot masturbation pics and movies flooding the net created by alt girls the guys are getting a quick primer on just how sexy alt girls can be.

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Being that this is an alt girl site it is important to bring up the fact that there are a large number of alt, Emo, Goth, punker, etc girls in the members areas of these kinds of sites. They are a perfect place to meet them and take things to the next level.

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While going through some babes profiles on adult sex dating site Amateur Match I came across this little cutie seemingly trying to look as uncute as she could be. It struck me as odd at first because her competition on the site all post nude selfies trying to lure guys to their profiles. But in a world of flashing boobs I guess this girls profile pic would stand out more. Hey, she got me to talk about it didn’t she?

Reading her profile it became bitterly obvious she doesn’t have a lot of excitement in her life. I almost felt sorry for her. Then it hit me. Maybe that was her tact? This could be her way of getting the kinds of guys she wants to date. She is a needy bitch looking for a guy that will swoop in and take care of her. has all kinds of girls in their rapidly expanding database. You can do all sorts of tricks to get laid in a variety of ways. My favorite is to create a profile in another state you plan to visit. Then you can hookup with chicks for booty calls there that won’t blow back on you in case things go south!


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If you found a girl in this state of undress would you pass up on sticking that bottle deep into her snatch? By God I hope not! She is an alternative girl because she enjoys going to the extreme. That includes pleasure in the bedroom and out of it as well.

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While the site isn’t built solely around the alternative girl niche there are hundreds, if not thousands, of alt girl porn videos on Everybody knows the alt, gothic and emo girls don’t give a fuck if their boyfriends want to roll some film while they blow their meaty cocks. To them it is a statement to their parents about how they should have been there more.

You won’t need your wallet to watch the movies on this free POV porn tube. All of the videos don’t have any kind of limitations of the number you can view or the time you can spend viewing them. I am still trying to figure out their business model, but I am coming up empty. If you figure it out let me know in the comments below.

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This is an odd photo for a post about going from being a consumer to being your own boss. I chose it not just because the girl is a cute alt girl, but because I want you to pay attention. Dammit. Probably the wrong photo to use. You are already losing focus.

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Punk girls pretty much never go out of style. There’s just something about checking out a hot chick with that ultra pale skin, the dyed hair, and the ink that makes the boys just lose their minds. They know it too, and those girls just love to show off a little bit of ink here, a piercing there, until they finally decide that you are worth it, and you get to explore every inch of them.

This pretty pierced and inked beauty practically disappears against a white background. She’s got the kind of pale skin that puts a porcelain doll to shame, but with ink that makes the colors look like they just came off the needle. She loves it when people admire her ink, and her hot body, so she wasn’t shy at all about flashing us her pink and black panties and her pierced nipples. She also has one of the most perfect asses you’ll ever see, and she deliberately keeps the ink minimal there, which is just the perfect accent to her other curves. The panties did cover up some of her ink though, maybe next time we’ll convince her to show us all of it.

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What? You want everything served up to you on a silver platter? You think that you can get sweet, hot, punk girls at the snap of a finger? Well, lucky you there are those hot goth and punk girls out there that just love showing off, as long as they get a chance to tease and tempt the guys and other girls out there with everything they want, and everything they need.

This particularly sweet punk girl knows just what you need, and what you crave. She isn’t going to just give you one treat, she’s going to make sure you get a treat that will help you take advantage of the other treat. She has the highest quality green, and the best tits you can ask for all at the same time, and she knows what to do with both of them. If you want to get your hands on some of the good weed, you also better now how to please a punk girl, because they won’t restrain themselves, they’ll tell you exactly how they want it, and what you have to do to get them off. If you do well enough, she’ll maybe even roll one for you so you can get going for a second round.

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